Friday, September 18, 2009

Mihin Lanka gets earning lift off

The Ministry of Ports and Aviation announced yesterday that one of the its business undertakings, Mihin Lanka Airlines has achieved break-even point.

The Aviation Ministry in a statement issued to media said that the booking rate for the Airline had increased significantly in August and is expected to rise further in the next three months.

According to the Ministry, at the beginning of the year, Mihin Air carried a total of 3,400 passengers January. In August, the number of passengers carried carried had increased to a total of 13,988. The Ministry also said that the airline is already 20% over booked until the year 2010.

The ministry also said that Mihin Air’s main destination to Dubai the airline carried a total of 2608 passengers and was increased by 86% in the month of August. In its second most popular destination Buddagaya India the ministry said that passenger traffic also increased from 26% to 60% .The passengers traveling to Kuwait also increased from 77% to 94%.

The ministry also said in the month of January the airline maged to earn US$ 522,026 as revenue and was increased to US$1,888,167 in the month of August.

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