Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keep watch for LTTE funding lines - Indian Security Advisor

The LTTE leadership may have been wiped out in a massive offensive by the Sri Lankan army, but the threat from the dreaded terror outfit is far from over. There was need to keep a watch for any such development and be prepared for any eventuality, said the Indian National Security Advisor MK Narayanan in his address to DGP/IGP conference in New Delhi.
According to the 'The Economic Times', India, he warned that with the pro-LTTE groups, which was the main source of funding for LTTE, spread far and wide, the threat of the outfit raising its head once again could not be ruled out.

Mr. Narayanan had also said that the funding lines of LTTE were still intact and there was always a possibility that disgruntled elements in the pro-LTTE groups across the globe could get together to help the terror outfit regroup and rearm.
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