Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hambantota - way to city hub of Lanka

Hambantota was once considered an area frequented by elephants, robbers under developed to such an extent that there wasn't even a decent tea kiosk to quench your thirst.

There was no drinking water available, let alone sanitation. "Many people passed Hambantota on their way to Kataragama, but no one wanted to stop over at Hambantota as it did not have anything to offer," said Ports, Aviation and Water Resources Minister Chamal Rajapaksa.

This is the past. But, today a 'Development Tsunami' spearheaded by the government, has hit Hambantota and the South.

"We have just started the development and in two years Hambantota would be one of the most developed districts in Sri Lanka," he assured.

"The other neighbouring districts, Matara, Galle and especially Moneragala will also reap the benefits by this development and would turn prosperous", he said

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