Monday, August 24, 2009

"We are not here for sightseeing"

Lankan captain Chathura Maduranga highlights the level of confidence in his team after the stunning 4-3 Nehru Cup win versus Lebanon.

By Adarsh Vinay
Nothing succeeds like success. The power of a victory can be so galvanizing. The Sri Lankan football team is a glaring example. Poor cousins to their world champion cricket team, the island’s footballers have suddenly become the talking point in this year’s Nehru Cup tournament in Delhi.

While it will be a challenge to hold on to their new status as giant-killers – Lanka clash with top seeds Syria Monday evening – the confidence is palpable. Lankan skipper Chathura Maduranga insists that they are not filling the slots.

“We came to play in the finals. We know we are good enough to get there. We didn’t come here for shopping or sightseeing”, he said in an exclusive chat with Mobile ESPN.

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