Monday, August 24, 2009

Mihin Air proves critics wrong

It was sheer irony that Mihin Lanka had been dragged through the dirt in parliament on Tuesday over more than Rs 3000 million in losses it suffered from April 01, 2007 to March 31, 2008, while unknown to many it is now said to be breaking even for the first time during the current August peak season.

Business is unbelievably so good, according to a top inside source who did not want to be identified, they have even had to offload passengers from flights to the sub-continent in recent days and in recent weeks they have been flying a full complement of 156 passengers in all flights in and out of India.

Even on the highly competitive Dubai/Kuwait sector its load factor, he said was well above 80 per cent.

Mihin Air, which resumed flights on January 01 this year after it was indefinitely grounded in early 2008, with initial flights to Buddhagaya and Dubai against the advice of many a pundit, is now flying four times a week to Trichy, twice weekly to Buddhagaya and once to Varanasi. On the West Asian sector it flies thrice weekly to Dubai/ Kuwait and thrice weekly to Dubai.

The pilgrim flights to India are however restricted from August to December and February to April.

Unlike most other budget carriers, Mihin, according to those who have flown it since its revival, provides a far better service, including hot meals and even duty free sales.

It was claimed in parliament on Tuesday that the budget carrier was yet incurring a monthly loss of Rs1.8 million, but sources said with current passenger loads it should easily break even.

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