Friday, August 7, 2009

First project under Gamata Karmantha:Pelwatta Dairy to produce milk powder

The Pelwatta Dairy plant which was the first project started in Moneragala under the Gamata Karmantha by the Government was commissioned by President Mahinda Rajapakse recently.

The Pelwatta Sugar Industries has invested Rs 1.2 billion on this project and it will start manufacturing high quality cattle feed next month.

Providing high quality cattle feed to animals will enhance local milk production, said. Chairman, Pelwatte Dairy Industries A. Wickramanayake. He said that the plant has the latest and most modern equipment in the world which will help the country to save foreign exchange worth Rs 300,000 million now spent on imported milk food.

The plant will provide liquid milk, yoghurt, and cheese and this will help dairy farmers in Moneragala, Hambantota, Ampara and Udawatta to sell their products at Government approved prices.

The manufacture of milk powder will commence in November. Around 300 people have secured employment at the plant..

The Pelwatta Sugar, Ethanol and Dairy plant will operate as models for the country and other districts also can use these resources and produce the country’s needs, Wickramanayake said.

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