Thursday, July 9, 2009

President to make dramatic changes

Media Minister LakshmanYapa Abeywardena yesterday said the President is poised to make dramatic changes in the legal system in the country to control rising criminal activities and to create a law abiding society in the country.

The Minister in response to various speculation made in the media over the appointment of Minister Milinda Moragoda as Justice and Law Reform Minister yesterday said this ministry is one of the few most important ministries in the country and this was held by politicians of the calibre of Felix Dias Bandaranaike, Colvin R. de Silva and Nissanka Wijeratne.

"No one is above the law and all people should duly respect the existing law and order of the country. The government through the appointment of Minister Moragoda to the Justice and Law Reform Ministry expects to make necessary amendments to the existing law to control criminal activities and establish a society of high moral values.

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