Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Was UN Organization unwittingly responsible for Prabhakaran’s death?

Speculations are rife that it is because of the intense pressure brought to bear on the UN Organization by the Tamil Tiger sympathizers of the Tamil Diaspora across the World by pointing an accusing finger at the UN Organization officials over Prabhakaran’s death, that its Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is constrained to demand an International probe into the Sri Lanka (SL) war crimes.
Those who are aware of the circumstances surrounding the final hours of Velupilllai Prabhakaran and his Organization are also aware that Prabhakaran entertained the belief that the UN organization officials will rescue him. Even though the facts may be buried following the deaths of Prabhakaran, his family and leaders, the UN organization officials who held negotiations with Prabhakaran in his final moments knew fully well what truly happened.

After Prabhakaran’s hopes based on the Indian Gen. elections evaporated, he pinned his hopes on the UN Organization. It is a huge question mark as to who imparted this idea to Prabhakaran that his life will be saved by the UN Organization’s intervention. However, it is a fact that Prabhakaran anticipated UN Organization’s intervention at the final moments to save him. It is his labouring under this delusion during this crucial period which eventually led to his death.

It is a mystery to the Tamil Tiger sympathizers that Prabahakaran who has a reputation for being extremely clever at seeking out alternative courses of action in a crisis did not decide on such action plans in these circumstances. They are of the opinion that , he would have had several plans :say , plan A, B or C, which he could have used to save his life.

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