Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tamil Diaspora should stop financing demised LTTE and help our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka - By Dr Raju Selva

I have been pleading through the print media over the last few years for the Tamil Diaspora to stop helping LTTE financially, logistically and politically and prolong the war between the Sri Lankan Government and LTTE. I have tried to convince the Tamil Diaspora that they were chasing a mirage of a mythical Eelam created by now dead Prabhakaran but was unsuccessful. Even at this moment, pro-LTTE apologists are continuing their protests down the streets of big cities in a vain attempt to justify LTTE and bring disrepute to the armed forces and Government of Sri Lanka. Now protesting for what? Surely they can’t bring the humanitarian factor of the IDPs as the Tamil Diaspora is also as guilty as LTTE of creating the IDP crisis. My last appeal to them thro print media on 16/5/2009 was the Tamil Diaspora to send their even underage children to Mullathivu to save now dead Prabhakaran as he was short of human numbers to fight the armed forces, if they really admire this brutal murderer who brought nothing but misery and humiliation to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. There was no misery or humiliation for the Tamil Diaspora enjoying comfortable life in affluent countries in the West and Australia. Every person in the Tamil Diaspora should read Dr. Noel Nadesan’s most recent letter titled “No More Tears for Tamils in Sri Lanka’ which has been published in Sri Lankan print media and many websites. The misled children and the youth by the senior Tamil Diaspora should also read this article by another Tamil journalist living in Down Under.

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