Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New era in foreign relations to safeguard motherland – President at Victory Day and Tribute to War Heroes

In order to, protect our new freedom after defeating terrorism, and to prevent being under the pressure of others, it is necessary to begin a new era in foreign relations to safeguard my motherland, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the nation at the Victory Day and Tribute to War Heroes celebration in Colombo, today (03).

Having won the freedom of our motherland, we must next establish our freedom and sovereignty internationally. Terrorists were able to get the world to bring pressure on us, a free and sovereign State, because they had the capability to bring pressure on those governments, he said.

Expressing the gratitude of the nation to the War Heroes who sacrificed so much for the freedom of the country, the President said “we cannot allow the land that was won with such great sacrifice to be divided or even a shadow of separatism to fall on it. In the solutions that we offer there will not even be an iota of space for racism and separatism. We shall, as soon as possible, move towards our own solution of not dividing the land that is now made one and ensuring that there will be no threat to peace in our region.

“Firstly, it is necessary for us to provide all facilities that were denied to the people of the north for 30 years. There is no doubt this will be a massive development exercise, similar to the operation carried out to end the terrorism of 30 years within two and half years. The northern spring is not only to be dawned but also to spread with speed across the north,” the President added.

Speaking in Tamil President Rajapaksa also said: “The war against the terrorists is now over. It is now the time to win over the hearts of the Tamil people. The Tamil speaking people should be protected. They should be able to live without fear and mistrust. That is today the responsibility of us all.”

>> Full Text of the President’s Address to the Nation