Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Let's find Pillay another job" - Divaina editorial

The editorial of 'Divaina' newspaper in its June 09 issue, titled "Let's find Pillay another job", stresses that Navanetham Pillay is not suitable to hold the position of UN human rights commissioner.

It says the conduct of UN human rights commissioner Navanetham Pillay shows to what extent the concept of communalism has spread in the international arena. Being of Tamil origin, she has taken the side of Tamil terrorists and demanded human rights investigations against Sri Lanka. She acted when Prabhakaran was losing the war.

Having come to understand the best way of getting the government's war offensives halted was to by conducting a human rights inquiry against Sri Lanka, commissioner Pillay launched a campaign to prop up support for that. Her wish is yet to be fulfilled, and it is apparent she would go to any length to see that is done.

Why do we all of a sudden remember Pillay, is a character who should be forgotten? That is because her opinion and estimate of armed struggles and civilians has come under criticism by Algeria. That country says it is the habit of Mrs. Pillay to report all conflicts in the world as being equal. Algeria's argument is fully correct.

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