Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Change of Working Culture of Sri Lankan Foreign Missions Towards a new Sri Lanka

By Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya - Melbourne, Australia

It is no secret that nearly a million or more of Tamils live abroad today and it’s their willful or compulsory funds that made LTTE to equip state of the art weaponry as discovered by the defense forces.

At no time we thought all Tamils were LTTE nor do they share the LTTE ideology, but I am sad to say we Sinhalese abroad have been wrong. This assumption is proven beyond any doubt looking at the number of Tamils who parade in the cities all over the Western countries on their anti Sri Lankan protest marches. Even at the moment when the LTTE was killing their own people, they didn’t care for those innocent, their own tribe, but continued the support to save only the LTTE leaders with the help of the hired international community.

We tend to believe ninety-nine percentages of the Tamil elders are well educated and a very high percentage is professionals. However back in Sri Lanka during the last three decades all-small children were brainwashed in such a way to portray the Sinhalese, whether it’s the forces or the simple villages as devils or ferocious animals, therefore they have to be killed at sight. This indoctrination was so effective that anyone in thirties and under who has never had any contact with the Sinhala people believed it is the gospel truth; this made it easy for them to kill Sinhalese without mercy. During this period lay Sinhalese never killed any Tamil or even the LTTE except by the forces.

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