Friday, June 19, 2009

Canada to evict Sri Lankan Tamils staying illegally

There is information that Canadian government has taken a decision to evict all groups including Sri Lankan Tamils who stay in Canada illegally and without visas. The move to get rid of illegal immigrants would be expedited soon and according to information Canadian government has decided to take up this matter in its Parliament immediately.

According to information reaching from Canada its government has taken the decision to evict Sri Lankan Tamils staying illegally from its soil taking into consideration the peaceful atmosphere present in Sri Lanka with the defeat of tiger terrorism.

A large number of Sri Lankan Tamils who have illegally entered Canada during the last 25 years when tiger terrorist organization was controlling certain areas in the Northern and Eastern provinces are staying there illegally.

Many of these people who entered Canada claiming there was threat to their lives were involved in fund raising for tiger terrorists and human trafficking. The decision to evict Sri Lankans staying in Canada illegally was published in Canadian media yesterday.

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