Friday, June 5, 2009

Best place to invest in Asia is Sri Lanka - Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, a renowned global investor, in an interview with the Economic Times of India, says that Sri Lanka is the best place to invest in the Asian region after the end of the 30-year war.

You recently said that you would invest in China and Sri Lanka but not in India. Aren’t you betting on the new government in India?

I was trying to make a point that if anyone wants to invest in this particular part of the world, the best place would be Sri Lanka. Because it looks like the 30-year war is coming to an end.

Throughout history, if you go to a place after the war ends you usually find everything as very cheap, everyone is demoralised, people are just depressed and there are enormous opportunities if you have energy.

In my view, investing in Sri Lanka in May 2009 is probably a better bet than Pakistan, Bangladesh, India or some of the other countries nearby.

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