Friday, June 5, 2009

Australian Sri Lankan Raise Funds for a Portable Echo Cardiogram Unit for the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Colombo

Udeni Gunasekera, a keen member of the Explorers’ Club at Peradeniya University (Geology) in Mid 1970s has undertaken a solo and unsupported charity bicycle ride from his home in Perth Western Australia to Melbourne. He has to date ridden for 37 days and completed over 2500kms. He is now on to the final 1000kms of his journey.

Udeni’s bicycle trip is being made in order to raise funds for a much needed Portable Echo Cardiogram Unit for the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Colombo. This would enable medical staff to travel to locations where children have heart defects and carry out required screening. Currently such units are solely located in the capital city’s main children’s hospital, and patients in peripheral areas must wait for transport by ambulance for screening to be done.

Udeni carries his own tent, clothing, food, water, communication & other essential devices and has braved the climate and weather since setting out from Perth in April. He travels during daylight hours, and makes his bed in either a roadhouse/motel if available, or makes a bush camp not far from the highway. So far he has had 13 such bush camps along the way across the Nullabor Plain.

Udeni’s large heartedness and sacrifice, to help the children in Sri Lanka - whose own hearts may need major corrective surgery - is a truly uplifting example, in these times when the media carries many stories of a depressing nature.

All funds raised will go to the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
His trip information can be seen on :Bike Trip OZ

Those wishing to contribute can do so via the information on the links given above.