Saturday, May 30, 2009

Veheragala project to be opened soon

The Veheragala irrigation project completed at a cost of Rs. 2,000 million will be opened next month supplying water to the Lunugamvehera reservoir for drinking as well as cultivating purposes.

"We used only treasury funds for this project. We used direct labour employing local people to work on this project. Providing job opportunities to people," Weheragala Project Resident Engineer L. S. Suriyabandara said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa ceremonially launched the construction work on the project in 2005 when he was Prime Minister to uplift the living standards of the farmer community by bringing in irrigation facilities to the Hambantota district. The reservoir was constructed at Veheragala by damming the Menik Ganga.

Irrigation and Water Management Minister Chamal Rajapaksa and Irrigation Minister Jayatissa Ranaweera inspected and monitored its progress.

In the adjoining Kirindi Oya basin, it has a catchment area of an 1,178 sq. km and most of the water in this river was diverted to the Lunugamwehera reservoir, which has a capacity of 222 million cubic metres from the total annual average flow of 240 million cm of water to the sea.

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