Friday, May 8, 2009

UNICEF sets up temporary Learning Spaces in Vavuniya

A number of Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS) will be set up in IDP welfare centers by the United Nations’ International Children and Education Fund (UNICEF). Two such TLS facilities have already been built, and one center facilitates 550 children while the other is for 600 children from another IDP welfare center.

UNICEF, other international agencies and non-governmental organizations will assist TLS facilities by providing water, sanitation, health care, stationary, text books and uniforms while World Food Programme is supposed to supply meals during learning hours.

According to official government statistics over 190,000 people have crossed over to Government held terrains, and international agencies and non-governmental organizations are in the process of assessing the amount of school going children and their educational needs.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) has attended to the needs of women and girls at the IDP centers. Their main concern is the health and safety of the female population, especially of the pregnant women. In this aspect, UNFPA launched mobile reproductive health clinics offering prenatal care and postnatal care. “Nearly 3000 pregnant women have fled the no-fire-zone relinquishing terror grips,” UNFPA spokesman said.

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