Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UK, France & Austria rebuffed at UN Security Council

The attempt made by Britain, France and Austria to get UN Security Council to discuss the Sri Lankan situation was rejected by the other members of the council. Foreign Ministers David Miliband of Britain and Bernard Kouchner of France and Austria's Michael Spindelegger, the federal minister for European and international affairs were rebuffed by the members of the 15-nation council at UN headquarters in New York for trying to bring in the proposal which had been rejected earlier.

Both Miliband and Kouchner were in Sri Lanka, had discussions with Sri Lankan leaders including President Mahinda Rajapakse and visited refugee camps in the Vanni. The attempt by them together with the Austrian minister was rejected by the other members of the Council claiming the matter was an internal affair of Sri Lanka and it need not be discussed at that level.

Russia, China, Japan and Vietnam consider that the fighting is an internal matter and it is not necessary to include on the Security Council agenda.

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