Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tamil Tiger Leader Orders Diaspora Members To Block Highways


The Tamil Tiger controlled media in Toronto, namely, Tamil Vision Inc., Canadian Multicultural Radio, and other media have been announcing the order coming from a Tiger Terrorist leader asking the diaspora members to block the highways in their respective cities.

The diaspora which is totally controlled by the Tiger hierarchy do not enjoy the right to free speech or other freedoms guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and are like puppets on a string controlled by a terrorist leader in the narrow sliver of land to which the Tigers are confined to in the jungles of Mullativu in northeast Sri Lanka. The order comes from Tiger land and the herd of Tiger supporters are ready to break the laws of Canada, not caring if they trespass on the rights of other citizens of this country.

Canada should ensure that law and order is maintained, and those who break the law are duly punished. The citizens of this country cannot be further inconvenienced, or their rights trampled upon by any group, whether they are supporters of a brutal terrorist organization or otherwise. Act now, and ensure that terror supporters engaged in disruption of the normal life of our cities are firmly dealt with.

Any additional expenditure incurred by cities in policing, clean up and other administrative costs should also be billed to the organizations representing the pro-Tamil Tiger diaspora.

Mahinda Gunasekera
Honorary President