Friday, May 8, 2009

Storage capacity in reservoirs below warning level

Due to severe drought and the delay in much anticipated rain in the main reservoirs, the storage capacity in the hydro power catchment areas is less than 18 per cent, senior Ceylon Electricity Board officials warned yesterday.

A senior CEB official said that 18 per cent is well below the warning level and it is high time to take strict decisions to cut down the use of electricity.

However, CEB Chairman E A S K Edirisinghe told The Island yesterday during the Vesak celebrations, the use of electricity comes to the peak, but they will continue to supply electricity without burdening the public.

However, he said if the drought continues after Vesak, they would urge the public to cut down on the use of billboards, neon lights and air conditioners.

He said on an average day electricity consumption is 30 GWh and during the Vesak celebrations it would go up to between 34 and 35 GWh.

He said CEB will be compelled to go for additional thermal power through Independent Power Purchases to cater for the demand.

On an average day CEB spends Rs. 250 million and this would increase to Rs. 350 million.

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