Sunday, May 10, 2009

Separatist movement goes beyond defeated LTTE; it is now Eelam Inc.

Hunt for Prabha reaches final page

Most Sri Lankans or the world outside is still unaware -- the well-protected, secluded life under serene surroundings, with a thick layer of re-inforced concrete overhead, ended for Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on March 30.

The turning point for Prabhakaran came on March 30. His close encounter with death after the Air Force bombing must surely have jolted him. That day, together with his close aides and personal protection group, he decided to move out hurriedly. Together with his entourage, he went into the Civilian Safety (or No Fire) Zone and took cover there. Proof of his presence came from the hundreds of IDPs who fled to Government-run camps. According to some accounts, the LTTE leader was also in the company of his son Charles Anthony. His heavily armed bodyguards trailed him. Alongside were guerrillas clutching portable radio communication equipment strapped to their back. Prabhakaran was not observed using it perhaps for fear of intercepts giving out his location. Now, 39 days later, the question uppermost in the country's defence and security establishment is the whereabouts of Prabhakaran. Is he still in the CSZ or has he fled Sri Lanka? Colombo's intelligence community, an informed source said, was almost unanimous that he remains trapped. They believe that despite attempts to flee, the Navy has managed to prevent a surreptitious exit. This, they say, was borne out by recent engagements the Navy had with Sea Tigers. Yet, there are smaller sections that opine Prabhakaran would have made a hurried exit.

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