Thursday, May 14, 2009

Relief for IDPs from Lankan diaspora in USA

The first consignment of relief goods to the IDPs in Vanni from the Sri Lankan diaspora in USA was handed over to the Disaster Relief Services Minister Ameer Ali at his Ministry in Colombo on Tuesday.

As a totally independent voluntary project the relief program for the IDPs also opened a website and their main coordinating centre was located in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Diaspora in USA had managed to link with a large number of Sri Lankans in every part of the world, project coordinator Priyantha Samarajeewa said.

"We do not consider any country borders, colour bar, ethnicity, religion or race since donors are willing to share their happiness, protection and wealth with innocent needy people.

"Already lot of Sri Lankans and other nationals have come forward to help the needy through our web, the coordinator said.

"There is no cash payments involved with the projects but contributions are made by credit cards through secure Internet Payment Gateway account and it is a 100 percent transparent transaction," the coordinator Priyantha Samarajeewa said.

Minister Ameer Ali said the initiative taken by was a meritorious act and as a Sri Lankan he was happy that they do not consider all Tamils as terrorists like in the past.

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