Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prebhakaran's fate decided after Lok Sabha Polls

DefenceWire can confirm, not a forceful threat, but a humble request by the Indians has been made to temporarily postpone the very last phase of the offensive against the Tiger leadership, trapped north of Vattuvaan. The temporary 'banning' of the use of heavy weapons was a symbolic gesture of this 'understanding' between the Sri Lankans and the Indians.

The temporary halting of a planned Special Operation to capture/kill Prabhakaran has been put in the back burner until the elections in India come to an end on the 14th. All naval assets have been pulled into prevent Prabhakaran's escape by sea and the elite units, Offensive Divisions and the entire government is biting their time for the opportune moment.

We have been told that the period AFTER the Indian elections, where a few weeks will lapse due to counting of ballots, negotiations between parties and formation of a government was being considered to be that opportune moment.

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