Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prabha to commit suicide

Prabhakaran and a few of his cohorts are now completely surrounded and are expected to commit suicide within the next 24hrs, thus ending a 30 year-old bloody conflict once and for all.

There is no heavy fighting at this moment as regular troops engage in clearing operations removing civilians from the area. The LTTE has given up the fight!

President Mahinda Rajapakse is expected to make a speech on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to declare the victory. He is expected to land tomorrow morning.

Middle-level LTTE leaders are surrendering in large numbers. High profile leaders like Poddu, Soosei, Bhanu, Rathnam etc are still alive with their leader and have surrounded themselves with several hundred civilians. They are expected to blow themselves up. The Army expects the civilians to escape before this suicide.

Among those who surrendered today was the wife of LTTE Political Wing Leader Thamil Selvan. She was caught with her new lover while escaping from the LTTE.

The Army has now withdrawn the cream of its fighting units. Yesterday's operation to rescue civilians was conducted primarily by fresh Special Forces recruits from 4 SF who drew a cable and inflated tyre tubes to save trapped civilians crossing the lagoon/sea.

The 59, for example, is operating with a batallion of 4SF but primarily with 1 Mechanized Infantry with two platoons from 3 Mechanized Infantry in the reserve. Since what is left now is a clearing operation, the going is easy for them.

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