Monday, May 11, 2009

LTTE commits bloodbath against civilians; more evidence surface

Video footage showing civilian casualties that claimed to be taken in the civilian safety zone (CSZ) in the Vellamullai Vaikkal, in Sri Lanka are being often aired by many international media. Voices that said to be from pro LTTE sources are being heard blaming the government for constantly shelling the civilians.

However, there is ample evidence suggesting that LTTE has been taking the whole world for a ride with its well engineered propaganda ploys.

According to the special correspondent at Karayamulli Vaikkal, five LTTE cadres including four child soldiers surrendered to Army 53 Division this morning (Apr 11) have revealed that LTTE had brutally crushed several civilian attempts to seek refuge with the armed forces during the weekend.

"We were given orders to shoot anyone, even at our parents if they dare to seek refuge with the soldiers, leaving LTTE leader unsafe" a 16 year old child soldier among the surrendered said.

"Yet, we did not want to do that, we saw senior LTTE cadres firing shells and machine guns at boats carrying large groups of women and children on Saturday morning (Apr 9), many had died" , the boy further went on to say.

A 23 year old youth, the eldest among the surrendered told that he decided to dessert the outfit with the younger ones, after witnessing the carnage on Saturday.

"I could not guess how many died. I could no longer stand this treachery against my very own people..., so I decided to quit ".

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Army electronic warfare units on the same day received three separate radio transmissions indicating LTTE had actually attacked the civilians. The following are the English translations of the three Radio communications:

Transmission 1- 0345 Hrs (May 9)

Senduran: "I have captured 20 persons trying to escape, more people are coming, I cannot control them".

Priyalan: "Try to stop as much as you can till I send reinforcements".

Transmission 2- 0355 Hrs (May 9)

Senduran: "Give a vehicle to send 20 persons captured".

Amburaj: "Vehicle with "Malaravan Master" has been sent to your place; don't let any civilian escape".

Transmission 3- 0615 Hrs (May 9)

Thirumalai Master: "How did so many civilians got injured?"

Senduran: "Many people came, we couldn't control and we had to fire on them"

Giving lie to the pro LTTE claims that Sri Lanka Army has been indiscriminately attacking the civilians over 1000 people managed to sought refuge with the armed forces personnel during the weekend. According to our sources, these civilians too have confirmed that LTTE attacked them with maching gun and shell fire when they crossed over to government controlled areas.

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