Monday, May 25, 2009

Liberation is Over! Then ...........................

by Mark De Silva

Not only the Sri Lankans, but the entire World was very much keen to know "What's happening in Sri Lanka?" especially during last two years or so. Reason was, on- going War between Government Forces of Sri Lanka and LTTE. Any observer would have understood, day- by -day LTTE areas were drastically contracted while Government Forces have accelerated liberating the country.

Now LTTE is no more in Sri Lanka, but Pro-LTTE activities in Off-shore. Even most of the Sri Lankan Tamils, who don't want to come back to live in Sri Lanka are shouting for an Eelam. Also they called themselves “Tamil Diaspora”. Why do they do so? What benefits they expect by doing these things?

Let us see the benefits they enjoy by hiding behind the curtain of Diaspora;

  • Refugee Status
  • Asylum Seeking
  • Work Permits
  • Better income by employment
  • Education /Foreign Training
  • Ability to save money & send their relatives living in Sri Lanka
To enjoy them, the fight between The Government forces and LTTE terrorists should exist. Then only, Tamil Diaspora can claim “Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka; Urgently need an intermediate of International community; Or else, declare Eelam as a Separate country of Tamil people!” This is the formula for them to enjoy above stated benefits.

If we look deep into this matter without blindly touching the surface, we find;

  • LTTE planted bombs aiming the Public; Sri Lankan Forces did not!
  • LTTE attacked & killed innocent people; Sri Lanken Forces attacked only to the Terrorists.
  • LTTE wanted to divide this small Island of Sri Lanka in to two; Sri Lanken Forces wanted to liberate the country.
  • LTTE recruited child soldiers; Sri Lankan Forces did not.
  • LTTE used illegal weapons such as Land mines; Sri Lanken Forces did not.
  • LTTE done mass destructions by attacking Economically, Administratively and Strategically important locations in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanken Forces did not.
  • LTTE funds grew with illegally imposed Taxes from Sri Lanken Tamils as well as issuing permits to enter into LTTE controlling areas for the Sinhala ethnics charging a fee; Sri Lanken Forces did not but Sri Lanken Government gazettes the Taxes, time to time in a legal framework without concerning the ethnicity.
  • LTTE did not allow Sinhala and Muslim ethnics to live in LTTE controlled areas; Tamils live all over the country without any obstructions. Especially, the highest ethnicity group permanently residing in Colombo (the Capital city of Sri Lanka) is Tamil. Do they stay in Colombo and other parts in Sri Lanka, if they were being harressed?
Simple answer is, International community should understand the gravity on Sri Lanken Government due to LTTE activities/propaganda works. Sri Lanka doesn’t need to get blamed for ‘Conducted Humanitarian operation to liberate the country”

Being a Minority ethnic group in a country does not permit to say ‘Majority ethnic group ill-treating the Minority. As well as the most of countries Majority leads the country as per their share of population unless the capabilities of Minority, remarkably “Extra-ordinary”.

Also the word “Diaspora” does not permit ethically nor legally to establish a new country for them. If so, Indian ethnic groups would entitle to claim at least three new countries! (Tamil Nadu, Punjab & Kashmir)

Let me ask a question; “What is the Main Ethnicity of USA? Is it English? French? Kenyan? Mexican or Jews? You would never be able to answer to that question, since they don’t have one! They think like Americans; Behave like Americans & at last but not least they introduce themselves as Americans! Because, they respect each other with a sense of responsibility.

There are 193 countries in the world. Does it mean, there are 193 Ethnic groups? No, Never! Definitely more than thousand! But most important fact is ‘there are exactly 193 Nations!’

Back to the topic, Sri Lanken Tamils should not be guided by Tamil Diaspora comfortably living in Off-shore . Try to go abroad and apply for Citizenship via Asylum seeking should not be entertained and it’s not the only path to Prosperity. This would plant the curse, revenge, Megalomania & Self inferiority complex among the ethnic groups. Reach to Good Financial and Social prosperity won’t be a big task, if develop the resources in the North of Sri Lanka and change the mentality of civilians.

What are the Plus points Sri Lanka gets after liberating the country?

Here they are;

  • Mannar was the district, contributed the highest Rice production to the country in 1970s.
  • Mannar district alone could supply the country’s Demand for Dry fish.
  • Soil in Kilinochchi is rich of nutrients for vegetation. Especially, nobody could separate vegetables grown in Kilinochchi as Up-country & Low-country vegetables because you would experience the mass production of vegetables what we typically expecting from Up-country (Carrot, Beet, Leeks, Cabbage, Potatoes and Beans) and Low-country (Lady’s Fingers, Pumpkins, Chilies, Onions and Maze)
  • Pulmodai area is rich of Chemical substances and Minerals.
  • In Kankasanthurai and Jaffna peninsula, the earth is rich in Dolomite. As per the estimates, there are un-tapped deposits of Dolomite available for at least 45 years.
  • Mulathiv area is ideal for Teak/Mahogany plantation.
  • Petroleum exploration revealed, North Sea is high potential for Fossil Fuel deposits.
  • As per a Survey conducted by the Government, presently the Palmyra trees in North used for various products are less than 3%. Improving Palmyra products would add a sufficient contribution to GNP.
  • What about Tourism? There are many Tourist destinations in North but not developed.
Giving priority to develop the North under a proper projection would change the entire life style of Tamils living in North. This would change the directions and trends of Tamil people enable them to enjoy a convenient life. This is the optimum answer to eradicate Eelam illusion! Develop the Living standards of Northern Tamil people would avoid War psychology and understand the value of life as well as the desire to live in peace. Then the talks of establishing another country in North of Sri Lanka would not come to the stage with a big noise.

Ignore the LTTE activities take place in other countries; Obstruct the trend towards Terrorism by up-grading the living standards of Northern Tamils. The Drive-Ego should be,’ The Developing the Resources in the North makes a Better tomorrow for all’

Past is History; Future is Mystery. But remember, “Today is, Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Today’s Tomorrow will be Tomorrow’s Today! So every plan you make & action you take today, would build-up your day of Tomorrow.”