Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last call from Prabakaran to KP

(Lanka-e-News, 16.May.2009, 1.30 PM)A source linked to an Italian intelligence firm said that LTTE leader Vslupillai Prabakaran has talked to his right arm associate Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, the LTTE’s international arms dealer, over a satellite phone.

The phone call was made around 2 AM on May 07 from Sri Lanka to Malaysia, says the intelligence bureau that is monitoring the communication of the international terrorist organizations. The LTTE leader asked KP to assume the leadership of the LTTE and lead the struggle following any circumstance within the coming few days. He has urged KP to work with the people mentioned in an email he has sent. Prabakaran has asked to carry on the struggle since the conditions are good for the Ealam struggle internationally, the Intelligence bureau.

The voice of the LTTE leader was feeble because he might have been ill or angry, said the bureau adding that the voice matching software has proved that the voice was Prabakaran’s.

Political observers say that Prabakaran’s phone call can be a crucial one since the LTTE leaders were sending their wives and families to Army-held areas since the following May 15.

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