Sunday, May 31, 2009

Head of FORUT - Norwegian NGO deported from Sri Lanka - Way to Go.......

The head of Norwegian NGO FORUT was deported last night (May 30) for her involvement with the LTTE and for indulging in activities inimical to the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka, Defence sources said.

Ranvei Tvetenes, who was very often described as a law unto herself, had ordered the bringing down and removal of the national flag of Sri Lanka that was hoisted by the local staff in the FORUT office premises, to mark the victory in the war with the LTTE by the armed forces on May 20.

She had also refused to grant the holiday declared by the President on the occasion.

"The staff however had stood firm and demanded the holiday and with great reluctance she was compelled to submit to their demand, under severe pressure from the disgruntled staff", said a senior employee of FORUT.

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