Friday, May 8, 2009

Foreign aid to provide electricity to North and East

The Iran Aid Project, Asian Development Bank, International Co-operative agency and NORAD have granted loans for the provision of projects to provide electricity to the villages in the North and East under the concept of providing electricity to the villages islandwide, the Power and Energy Ministry said.

Aid has been granted already for 75 Rural Electrification projects have completed under the proposed 114 projects in the North and East. By the conflict Affected Area Rehabilitation Project (CAARP) Rs. 932 million, Asian Development Bank 7.6 million US$, NORAD 8 million US$ and International Co-operative agency Million 32 US$ have granted as Aid.

65 million US$ given under Iran Aid Project will be utilized for electrification of the villages in the North and East. Badulla, Kurunegala, Monaragala, Anuradhapura and other districts too will be brought under this project.

In addition to this project, restoration of destroyed transformers, electricity transmission system and electricity sub-stations also have been commenced in the North and East. Renovation of Electricity Transmission System from Vavuniya to Chunnakam also has been commenced. 30 mega volt capacity power plant has been under construction in the Jaffna peninsula, which will be handed over to the public by the end of his month. According to the anticipation of the Ministry of Power and Energy, once the establishment of the power plant is completed, more than 650,000 people in the North will be benefited, the Ministry said.

The Ministry is electrifying all villages in the Trincomalee District. Rs. 270 million has been allocated for this. 6000 families will benefit.

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