Saturday, May 9, 2009

Delusional Politicos of India

Firstly, as delusional as they are in Indian political theatrics, BJP leader Advani and AIADMK Jayalalitha asking for an intervention of Sri Lanka followed by DMK knucklehead Karunanidhi starting a fast, which ended “lightning fast” and now profess the need to create a state of EELAM for their brotherhood in Sri Lanka. Now ask yourselves a question. “Aren’t these the very same people they refused to accept back to Tamil Nadu that we are trying to protect?” or is it the case of a rich man’s self centered son (Tamil Nadu) who would rather prefer his prodigal brother settled in someone else’s land than having him share the land his Papa (Thaththa) provided. It certainly is the case isn’t it. Reportedly, now the members of Congress and their Charismatic Premier are rushing to Tamil Nadu this weekend trying to assist Karunanidhi get through his mental relapse. While we all know that Jayalalitha is facing a severe case of Menopause, could someone explain to these two men, that although it is so often believed that only women can get them, many men with hot flashes suffer secretly and do not get treatment for the condition. Changing with age, their bodies may be adjusting to low hormone levels by hitting them with hot flashes for a few weeks or even months. Scientific features indicate, a flushed, bright Red Face typifies Hot flashes. Facial sweating may also occur. This episode is usually followed by severe chills, and finally a return to relative "normal." May be a doctor in Tamil Nadu should look into this for the sake of their health and Prostate for their own constituents who have been ignored, at a time, the world is facing a recession including India and their constituents are facing enormous hardships, job losses, lost homes, lost business etc., these three jacks are trying to climb a beanstalk together to look into the internal affairs of another sovereign nation across the Palk Strait. Additionally, the effect that Prabhakaran has on their psyche, they have even forgotten, they are fighting for their own political lives. To our own President, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, please sir, we love you excessively much, please inform our own politicians not to follow this idiotic path, as our country is too important. We appreciate your gutsy stand as a son of Sri Lanka who never wavered or blinked to get this mess cleaned up. I thank you personally, for bringing us to world recognition and pride. The people you have placed to look after the affairs of this clean up are commendable including the generals of our forces and our ever loving “RANAVIRU”, men and women who have sacrificed, so that we can live a better life. Thank you.

The Tamil Net, (Gosh! I hope we can locate this office and blow it to smithereens for the tainted blood on their hands). Our President and the Government deciding to call off the use of heavy artillery at this juncture was merely to protect the unfortunate Tamil people we call family who are trapped in the NFZ with cold blooded killers. Now with all the input of our neighbors India including the Prime Minister of India and distinguished members of the Lok Sabah and the world over who wants this criminal so badly, the loose cannon Mental JAYALALITHA has repeatedly threatened to invade Sri Lanka with the Indian Army to create a separate state for the Tamils. Great! Just what the doctor ordered for our government, our forces, and our people who is waiting to show the world that they did not know before about the Sinhalese and our resolve.

These three clowns, envision Prabhakaran in the modern day “ELARA" a South Indian Tamil invader who ruled "Pihiti Rata", i.e., Sri Lanka north of the Mahaweli, after killing King Asela. DUTU GEMUNU (GAMINI) – Eldest son of King Kavan Tissa, who was a young man 25 years of age, defeated the South Indian Tamil Invader Elara (over 64 years of age) in single combat, described in the Mahavansa. King Dutu Gemunu is also depicted as a Sinhala "Asoka". The Ruwanwelisaya, built by this king is to this date, considered as a Dagaba of pyramid-like proportions. It was an engineering marvel. In other words, Elara himself got his butt kicked. As anyone can see, Prabhakaran was not the only terrorist we had to deal with in our dynasty when it came to culture and warfare and securing our nation of Sri Lanka called the “Holy Land”.

Prabhakaran in reality is a self-professed Psychopath and a Sociopath listed in the Interpol as “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE”. His allegiance was only to himself and immediate family and not for the Tamil people he was supposed to represent. By robbing the innocent lives of their futures, he decided to butcher them and now these three crack heads of Tamil Nadu suffering from a Menopausal attack, wants the Indian government to protect him? Gosh! These people don’t realize that, meddling with the internal affairs of a foreign nation is a crime.

To the three of you, (Jayalalitha, Advani and Karunanidhi) does it ever occur to you that Sri Lanka is not a state of India nor does the Lok Sabah govern us. The BJP as in the case of DMK and AIADMK or MADD (as in Mothers against drunk drivers), “Where in the world, does the Sinhalese fit into your lifestyle”? We are Aryans by nature that happened to put up with your people the British brought in to our country that worked our land, we learned to accept and love! Why are you getting involved with an issue we have to deal with and if so, why don’t you take Prabhakaran and the likes back to Tamil Nadu and offer then an EELAM State. May be you can change State of Tamil Nadu to read State of EELAM and if you cannot do that, just learn to “Shut the hell Up”. Advani, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha, learn our etymology right.


The Sinhalese are also known as "Hela" or "Sinhala". These synonyms find their origins in the two words Sinha (meaning "lion") and Hela (meaning "pristine"). The name Sinhala translates to "lion people" and refers to the myths regarding the descent of the legendary founder of the Sinhalese people, the incomparable Prince Vijaya. The last royal dynasty on the island was the Sinha (Lion) royal dynasty and the word Sinha finds its origins here. Linguistics or the study of languages is a particularly interesting subject. It is also a very romantic subject, and the more one gets involved with it, the more one becomes enamored of it. This is especially so with regard to the origin of words. Words have evolved with time, passing through various phases before assuming their present form. Sinhala is no exception. That the Sinhala language is an Aryan one and is related to other Indo-Aryan speeches such as Hindi and Bengali is generally well known. Less known, however, is the fact that Sinhala is distantly related to other major languages such as German, French, English, Russian, Persian, and Lithuanian. The fact is that Sinhala is not only a member of the Aryan group of languages, but also of a larger linguistic group, the Indo-European family, which includes all the major languages of Europe, Iran, and Southern Asia. History reveals, the parent indo-European speech from which all these languages derive, was evidently spoken somewhere in Europe, probably Southern Russia, over 5000 years ago.


Now the majority of the British people are decent folks but let us face it, would we the Sinhalese be facing this dilemma had it not been for the British Monarchy and the then Governor who brought shiploads of your people to Sri Lanka to work when the Sinhalese refused to. When they left the Island finally, as it is said around the world including the Caribbean, didn’t they leave a lump of crap for some else to clean up, wherever they went. The communal divide left by the Brits left a daunting task even on young Jawaharlal Nehru of India (The son of the wealthy Indian barrister and politician Motilal Nehru) to bring that country together.

Sri Lanka and India are separate countries and sovereign nations. Our connection is not by any umbilical cord by a long shot. We the Sinhalese are Aryans by nature who unfortunately happens to be your neighbours. If you Tamil Nadu nitwits read the history right our KINGS annihilated and chased any Indian presence within our country and handily. We are a proud BUDDHIST nation, accepting of all cultures and religions, truly caring, and a vibrant nation who will accept even a stranger at mid night and offer a cup of TEA. Advani, Jayalalitha, and Karunanidhi do not think that this LION NATION is weak and scared of your tomfoolery! For your sake, mental health is serious business at your age, so, please get yourself a proper doctor, and get your heads checked before you become a liability to your state and taxpayers. Look, my friends, Prabhakaran’s game is up. We have a government of the people for the people and the backing and support of world leaders starting with China and Russia. Our democracy speaks for itself and our people totally united behind our charismatic president Hon, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Our forces have risen to the task and to the world stage to clean a mess your own Indira Gandhi created by providing training to your Malayali Psychopath Prabhakaran to emulate Hitler. He is reaping the seeds he has sown and thanks to the Tamil Diaspora. If you go back to the very first speech Prabhakaran made and the subsequent speeches made to the Tamil Diaspora, one could understand the Hitler Type mentality he processed. Among the many economic refugees who reached the shores of the west, he also dispatched LTTE cadres with them who today are involved in the racketeering and conducting criminal activity around the world. Those Tamils who left the shores for a better life are also victims of Prabhakaran’s path of destruction. It is absolute sad for the Nehru family lost a grandson in Rajiv and for India to lose a SON because of the madness Indira created. Have fun doing what you are doing right now for the Sri Lankan people who suffered way more than your body has, is not going to lose sleep. You will never bring back the children we lost as soldiers, resultant of this lunatic. You will never change the way we stand by our country or our cultures. We are Sri Lankans, a vibrant nation and live in a country known to the rest of the world as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. OH! Advani, Karunanidhi’s & Jayalalitha…”Just grow up will ya?”

To Our Fellow Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka and the world over….This is a time for unity and to show strength and patriotism to our land, our leaders, our president unlike any other before him, his chosen staff, the forces, and our Ranaviru. As a country, we have endured and lost too many children to sheer nonsense. As a nation, I ask of you to rise and show your allegiance to your country and your loved ones. As a son of two remarkable parents, I feel for the Amma’s, Thaththa’s, Akka’s, Aiya’s, Nangi’s and malli’s, Mama’s and Nanda’s not forgetting Archchi’s and seeya’s who have given us a sense of self to be proud of as Sri Lankans. We are very proud of our heritage. Rise and shine Sri Lanka, for what the government under its pristine government has done is exemplary, stand by your “Alma Mater”. To the politicians of all races cultures and religions in Sri Lanka, we are at a time of cross roads, and require your allegiance as one family as “TRUE SRI LANKANS” to bring “PEACE” to our land regardless of your differences. Send a message loud and clear to India and the the WEST that we are united as one family when it comes to beating "TERRORISM" off "SRI LANKA". Let's capture this moment as a mark of respect for those who have sacrificed for our country, for they are your children too.

At this time we celebrate VESAK, I wish you all very Happy Vesak celebrations and may the blessings of the Thripitaka be amongst you, our President, and family, his loving Staff, our Generals and our Ranaviru and their families, always. May the Good Lord, His beloved son Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and Allah keep you safe and proud to be a Sri Lankans. Your input is invaluable. To our President, Sir, "Get the job done". For our allies and who believe in us including China and Russia will always stand by us.

by Nissanka Wickramasekera