Monday, May 11, 2009

Canadian outrage after Toronto highway blockage

Comments from Canadians
Aaron Greyard
Are these people stubborn or just stupid or both?

What do they think the Canadian government has the power to do? The UN and Canada has asked for a ceasefire.
Canada is NOT going to invade Sri Lanka to save a group that labels it a terrorist organization! What's next invading Iraq to stop the persecution of Al-Qaeda members there?

Maybe it's time they were deported back. It's not Canada's fight, we are not the fix-it-all nation they are trying to use us for. Don't bring your wars to Canada.

This is truly pathetic on the part of the Tamil supporters...endangering children and the elderly by charging up and onto a major highway? To all the human rights "supporters" out there, why are you so selective as to whose rights you "support"? You are just like any other protestors and looking for a "flavour-of-the-week" cause to champion. No one is happy about what is happening in Sri Lanka but do not forget the the LTTE (they ARE terrorists) do not have clean hands either.

I Think is a little too much, yesterday it was a terrible delay on Yonge/Dundas/University bus lines & today a Highway? I am sorry for the Tamil people but is not much we can do for them in Canada. Give us a break please!!!!!!

Where is the Ontario Government (Toronto has none) leadership? What a disgrace to let the manipulated non-Canadians disrupt OUR way of life in such a way. Trudeau has been gone for years so let's now get back to the real world of being Canadians. If you do not agree with the Canadian way of life then catch the next boat but do not attempt to continue to force your misbegotten beliefs on our once proven stable government and society. Step up McGuinty and put Miller on a leash.

We truly are the sucker nation of the planet! We continue to allow this crap to go on in our streets and we aren't even remotely involved in this conflict! How about protesting in the U.S. or Britain or India? Why not? Because they wouldn't put up with it in any other place. I've had it with hyphenated Canadians - remember all those "Canadians" in Lebanon who needed rescuing? Talk about citizenship of convenience........

They have done many protests over the several few months. What have they achieved, other than to show their support for a terrorist organization? Why would anyone listen to them when they are waving flags identified with a notorious terrorist organization? This is all part of LTTE propaganda. Have you noticed that all the blame has been put on the Sri Lankan government, while nothing has been revealed about the LTTE? Have you seen the footage of Tamil civilians fleeing from LTTE controlled areas into army controlled areas? Have you seen videos of the LTTE shooting these fleeing civilians?
A terrorist, whether it be the Taliban or the LTTE, is a terrorist. And terrorism is a issue that should not only concern Sri Lankans, but rather the world.
The accusation of 300 and some people killed by the Sri Lankan army came from Tamilnet, which is a pro-LTTE website!!!!

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