Friday, May 8, 2009

Canada: Let’s not be a foreign meddler in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs

ASOKA WEERASINGHE COMMUNIQUÉ Ottawa-Vanier Riding For Canadian Parliamentarians interested in Sri Lanka

Aid Agencies Make Appeals for Displaced in Sri Lanka. International Aid Agencies say conditions for Tamils displaced by fighting in Sri Lanka are improving, but food, water, sanitation and shelter are needed. The government is appealing for $50 million in foreign aid. With the population in displacement centers tripling within a period of two weeks, relief workers are struggling to provide shelter, water and food. (Comment: Here’s where the international focus should be rather than harping on a ‘ceasefire which is not in the cards with the Sri Lankan Government, for good reasons. If the Sri Lankan Armed Forces got 120,000 Tamil civilians out without a ‘ceasefire’, then it makes sense that they will get the other 30,000 held hostage by the Tamil Tigers without a ‘ceasefire’. Their focus is getting the Tamil Tiger leader, dead or alive, to finish off the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, which 32 countries have banned, including Canada. After all it is Sri Lanka that has to live with this terrorist menace and not Canada.)

Instead of these stupid requests that any fool can see would be a springboard for the Tamil Tiger leaders to get back into business, why don’t Western leaders provide an actual tool for the Sri Lankan Army to eliminate Prabhakaran, Pottu Aman, Charles Anthony and Soosai causing a minimum of civilian casualties? Surely it is to protect these poor hostages of the Tamil Tigers that Miliband and Gang are tying themselves into knots. Then why not immediately provide armed flying drones that would overfly the strip of land where the Tiger leadership is holed up; these craft could send a lethal missile to eliminate the four worthies when they show up on the scopes. Hardly any collateral damage! Israel does it routinely against Hamas leaders in Gaza and the Americans have fleets of drones overflying the Afghanistan-Pakistan border hunting for al Qaeda rebels and Taliban insurgents. It will be easy for the West to put their money where their mouths are! Ok, foreign meddlers, let us see whether you are merely playing a sick joke and a rotten bluff.

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