Friday, May 8, 2009

British MPs debunk Tiger propaganda -Tamils in camps better off than in the hands of Tigers:

In a statement issued by the British High Commission ( Colombo , Sri Lanka ) yesterday (May 6, 2009) the visiting group of British Parliamentarians led by Des Browne MP said:

·“We saw the considerable efforts the Government is making to accommodate and assist IDPs who have left the conflict zone.

·“We spoke to a number of people in the camps who expressed their genuine relief at having escaped the LTTE and reached a place of safety.

·“It is clear that IDPs in camps are much better off than their friends and relatives who remain in the conflict zone,”

· “We recognize the scale of the challenge facing the Government in delivering humanitarian relief to all civilians in the north, including those in IDP camps, those in screening centres and rehabilitation camps and those in the conflict zone itself,” said Des Browne, the delegation’s chairman

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