Friday, May 29, 2009

Basil moots humanitarian measure for IDPs

Special Presidential Adviser and Member of Parliament Basil Rajapaksa has recommended that the relatives of aged, disabled and wounded displaced persons in the North be engaged to look after those segments, after verification of the relationship through the Grama Sevaka and Divisional Secretary of the respective area.

He made that recommendation as an urgent measure to ensure better humanitarian services to those segments of the displaced. Directives were issued to those who seek to look after their kith and kin to contact the Secretary, Ministry of Social Services and wefare, Mrs.V.Jegarajasingham (Tel-011-2883525) and Senior Deputy Inspector General(Northern Range),Nimal Lewke(Te-024-2222227).

These decisions were arrived by him as a meeting on the welfare of the IDPs held on Wednesday with the participation of Ministers Rishard Baduideen, Lionel Premasiri and Governor Northern Province Dickson Dela.

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