Monday, May 18, 2009

Army rescues seven POWs from LTTE grip

Army 59 Division troops have rescued 7 servicemen held captive by LTTE terrorists at Vellamullaivaikkal this morning (May 17).

According to information received, 4 sailors and 3 soldiers were among the rescued.

Lance Corporal Thennakoon of 1st Vijayaba Regiment (VIR), Lance Corporal Weerasingha of 4th Gemunu Watch (GW) and Private Ranasinghe of 6th Sinha Regiment (SR) of Sri Lanka Army and Leading Mechanical Engineer (LME), P.K.I. Pitiyakumbura, Leading Seaman (S/L) G.H.C.K.Hewage, Able-body Seaman (A/B) K.M.K.H.Kumarasiri and Recruit M.G.A.P.Bambaradeniya of Sri Lanka Navy finally saw their emancipation following the Army's rescue operation.

Sailors P.K.I. Pitiyakumbura, G.H.C.K.Hewage, K.M.K.H.Kumarasiri, and M.G.A.P.Bambaradeniya had fallen into LTTE hands after Sea Tigers rammed two Navy Dvoras (P-461 & P-416) serving Point Pedro seas on 9th November 2006. Observations later said Tiger terrorists had captured those sailors alive and reportedly taken away but no confirmed reports reached the authorities.

One of the rescued Army soldiers has been captured alive by terrorists in Muhamalai following clashes that took place in the early stage of the Wanni operations.