Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The total of the civilians moved out of no-fire zone passes 173,000

(Lanka-e-News, April 22, 2009, 12.50pm, second edition 4.40PM) A spokesman of the Media Center for National Security (MCNS) said to 'Lanka-e-News' that the number of civilians that have moved out of the no-fire zone since Monday the 20th has risen to 100,000 after the Army broke the LTTE earth bund in three kilometers in the world's largest ever hostage rescue operation.

On the first day (20) 41,075 reached the safe zone and yesterday (21) 36,718 civilians made it. Today, by noon 3632 reached the safe zone, he said.

Accordingly, the total of the civilians that escaped from the LTTE-held areas is 173,439, said the spokesman of the MCNS..

The number of civilians that moved into the Army-controlled area from the LTTE-held areas yesterday 36,718. Of them 29,696 surrendered to the 58 division. 4880 persons surrendered to 55 division and 622 persons surrendered to 53 division. Another 1520 persons travelled in boats to surrender to Navy, he said..

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