Friday, April 24, 2009

Tiger Confessions and Intentional ‘Blindness’ of the WEST

TAMILNET and other like minded web-sites are replete with harrowing stories, some authored by the Tigers themselves, of starvation among Tamil Civilians in the `Safe Zone’ to whom the Government has been supplying food and drugs. What is significant in these horror stories is that no one, not even the Tigers, say that a single Tiger is starving. If there is any truth in these stories, that can only be if the Tigers are robbing the Tamil Civilians of the food and drugs sent to them for their own purposes, thereby forcing those Civilians to starve.

Of course the Western Countries including the wholly discredited Norway, will not see this or any of it. They appear to have blinded themselves to these self-evident facts by the acts of hooliganism being committed in their capitals by the hordes of rowdies among the Tamil Diaspora shouting "genocide" at the drop of a hat and mouthing wholly false and hypocritical `concerns’ for the fate of the Tamil Civilians in the `Safe Zone’.

They refuse to see that if our Forces were committing genocide, it is unthinkable that the supposed victims of genocide would flee in their thousands into the arms of our Forces rather than away from our Forces into the arms of the Tigers.

They refuse to see that if the purported `concerns’ of these rowdies were in any way genuine, they must necessarily have raised like `concerns’ about the atrocities, including the regular mass scale kidnapping of little children, that were committed by the Tigers on Tamil Civilians for years on end, and that their deafening and continuous silence on these subjects proves that they are nothing but some despicable hangers on of the Tiger Terrorists making a last ditch attempt to save their masters and perpetuate terrorism in Sri Lanka.

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