Friday, April 10, 2009

Tamil voices in the net rise against LTTE

(April 09, Atlanta, Sri Lnaka Guardian) As the Tigers are receiving deadly blows in Northern Sri Lanka, several Tamils have reacted strongly against the Tiger leadership. The unprecedented number of anti- LTTE sentiments in the internet can be observed especially from blog responses in website such as

One Tamil blogger writes:

“Untold suffering, genocide are all the lot of the Tamils in the N&EP – more so in the Northern Province now, particularly in the Wanni. Imposed by the Sinhala army and Sinhala Govts. But your account looks highly exaggerated – more to catch the international eye. It is not only the army that is keeping Tamils as hostages. It is not only the army that shot fleeing civilians in the back. I am inclined to believe much of the horrors against Tamils were engineered and brutally committed by the Tigers. Our frontline able and respected political leadership was totally destroyed – in the name of liberation. The lives of an entire generation of innocent Tamils is totally ruined by Tiger miscalculations – although the sacrifices and the resolve of the tigers, particularly in the initial stages, will never be forgotten by Tamils today and in the future – globally as well. But let us do some self-criticism. Tamils would have been better off if the struggle was continued under the democratic Parliamentary path lead by those enlightened men who spoke for us in Parliament.

Sampanthan is the only voice of moderation in that vintage that is now left. Wise Thondaman (Snr) carrying a huge and older burden lead his people along the right path – their present and future is assured; their homes, villages and lives intact. His people are less suspect than we are in a country and with the majority we must continue to live in We have lost all – due to the fascistic control of the autocratic Tigers who plundered (blundered as well) the Tamil political leadership. It is time for the Tamils to think afresh – even after the coming of Eelam that seems inevitable. The essential plural and democratic environment for this is necessary,” according to this blogger.

The blogger who continues in the name of Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan further claims that,
“Tigers must now voluntarily give away to a political formation of a civilian leadership of mature politicians, Hindu, Christian and Muslin religious leaders, academics – including women and the youth. Enabling conditions for the return of our Muslim and Sinhala brethren must be created in the new society. If this is accomplished the necessary Sinhala popular assent to this will immediately flow together with acceptance and aid from the world community and the more successful Tamils in the diaspora – all waiting to help an entire generation of Tamils under the gun.”

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