Friday, April 10, 2009

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Making peace is more difficult than making war. But a start has to be made somewhere. It is hoped that this dialogue will be one of many endevours leading to a road map for all communities in Sri Lanka to co-exit in a non-violent environment.
The primary Mission is to engage the Sri Lankan Government in realizing the vision as outlined above. The way forward lies in a two pronged approach, namely on the economic and political fronts.

Australian editor leads Tamil diaspora team for Lanka talks:
The Sri Lankan government has begun what it calls a dialogue with the large Sri Lankan Tamil communities living overseas, hoping they will help to rebuild the war-shattered northern parts of the country.

Senior government ministers and other officials have held talks in Colombo with a delegation comprising members of the Tamil diaspora communities in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

The talks came amid what the government has described as the final stage of a major military offensive to crush a decades-old separatist campaign by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

The diaspora delegation was led by an Australian Tamil newspaper editor, Dr. Noel Nadesan who told Lindsey Arkley he’s already angered some Tamils in Australia by publishing anti-LTTE remarks.

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Bridge the trust deficit, a Tamil diaspora leader tells President Rajapaksa

My eldest brother must pave the way for the Tamils living abroad to come back and work for Sri Lanka’, Mathi Kumaraturai (38), a leader of the Tamil Diaspora from Denmark, told the Asian Tribune, saying ‘For me Sri Lanka President is my eldest brother. He must remove the trust deficit that is responsible for the ethnic divide in the country’.

‘It was the Sri Lankan Tamils who were the live-nerves of the war for Tamil Eelam. And if Sri Lanka Government wanted the support of the Tamils living abroad, they should come forward to embrace the Tamils as their own brothers and sisters and allow them to live in Sri Lanka with honor and dignity’, said Mathi Kumaraturai.

A nephew of Late A. Thangathurai MP and a veteran TULF leader, Mathi Kumaraturai was in Colombo on March 28 and 29 to attend a dialogue the Sri Lankan government held with the Tamil diaspora. He and 20 other leaders of the Overseas Sri Lankan Tamils community from nine countries attended the brainstorming session hosted at Mount Lavania Hotel.

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