Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should the Norwegian Embassy be closed?

Norway, with Ranil Wickremesighe’s support provided six tons of satellite communications equipment to the Tamil Tigers. As soon as that was proved, Norway should have been rightfully declared a rogue state, unfriendly towards Sri Lanka and its ‘agents’ and the ambassador and the followers should have been sent packing off.

Various governments have broken off diplomatic relations with other countries on many occasions, and I think that if the Sri Lankan government cannot break off relations with Norway at all, there should be steps taken to ensure that the Norwegian ambassador be made persona non grata and sent home.

Norway has for a very long time been engaged in anti Sri Lankan activities, and this was exposed clearly at an anti terrorism seminar held at the BMICH where TV footage was shown of the Norwegian government training LTTE cadres. Even though the Norwegian government said that these cadres were being shown some Norwegian facilities and were not undergoing trained, viewers believed it was not so.

To remove the Norwegian government from the facilitator role is not a punishment at all as the Norwegians were not doing any peace work lately. By not taking stringent action against Norway, the government has missed a golden opportunity of teaching a lesson that will never be forgotten.

The Norwegian Ambassador revealed in a recent interview that officials are taking steps to apprehend the alleged attackers of the Sri Lankan Embassy, but failed. I am sure they know the culprits but they are given protection.

There may be international repercussions but serious steps must be taken about Norway. Their role as facilitators was a joke. They were only facilitating their dream for an Eelam.

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