Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pro-LTTE Diaspora media goes haywire with falsehoods

(April 07, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora have charged the British Police of grabbing Tamil children and infants and throwing them away according to a report in the mischievous Tiger web, Tuesday April 7. There is no surprise about the extremity of this absolutely false claim because it was on such fodder Tiger mafia gangsterism has been developed over the last three decades glorifying a criminal smuggler who it is claimed had shown signs of suffering necrophilia.

The LTTE history of initiating children into the fighting cadres virtually using the methods used by Malaysian coconut pluckers using monkeys by instilling sheer fear into them is widely known. It appears the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora are either not aware of this Tiger tyranny or do not want to know about it provided it does not affect their own children.

The Diaspora should have risen against Prabhakaran, the mafia gangster when he was terrorizing their kith and kin in Sri Lanka and now in desperation is holding hundreds as hostages in Wanni. Tuning into pro-LTTE Diaspora radios, TVs and reading the Tamil tabloid trash heaped on the community indicates the depths and widths of the utter falsehood fed to the Diaspora community in the United Kingdom, other parts of Europe and North America.

Hardly any trained or professional journalists run these media organizations. It is virtually managed by all kinds of Kanthars, Poothars and Suppars who may have sold Kurunegala coconuts at the Chunnakam market, fixed municipal street lights, traded smuggled goods, conducted goat velvis at the Kattuvairavar shrine in Urumpirai and brokered all kinds of illegal and shady deals. Some of them planted chillies and brinjals and made their fortune in Wanni during the Srimavo Banadaranaike period. And these are the Diaspora journalists.

The demonstrations that are being held in overseas cities are sadly contributing to the Tamil community being identified as the Global Paraiyas of Terrorism!

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