Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prabha’s massive ‘genocide’ plan exposed!

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, the ‘Sun God’, is preparing for a bloodbath. This is nothing new to him. Even as early as 1990, he had already killed more than a thousand people from groups opposed to him. He has instructed his close aides to send e-mails to Tiger representatives worldwide and to the Tamil Diaspora saying, “If the Sri Lankan military does not stop its offensive against us, Prabhakaran has instructed us to blow up the whole ‘No Fire’ Zone (NFZ) along with the civilians, and put the blame on the Government forces.”

The LTTE’s ‘terror mail’

This e-mail goes further to say that, once Prabhakaran’s massive ‘genocide’ is completed, the LTTE will send messages through its representatives in the Diaspora, blaming the Sri Lankan Security Forces (SF) as being responsible for the massacre of the civilians within the NFZ. This e-mail very clearly indicates “Top Secret” and “Delete immediately after reading”.
This mail is from a gmail account and originates from the e-mail address This column withholds the e-mail address of the recipient, to protect it’s identity and for security reasons.

On April 22, this column exposed the LTTE’s suicide mission against civilians. With civilians arriving into Government controlled areas in large numbers, the desperate LTTE dispatched two suicide bombers who exploded themselves among the civilians, killing 17, including women and children

Rebel or Terrorist?

While Prabhakaran kills his own people, what do we call him? A rebel, freedom fighter or just plain terrorist? But some INGOs, the international community and international media prefer to call the LTTE ‘rebel’. What are the criteria for calling him and his cadre rebels, when they are killing and maiming their own people, whom they claim to represent? Aren’t they just plain terrorists?

LTTE restricted to a sliver of land

There is only a five-and-half kilometres by one-and-a-half kilometres stretch remaining, for the LTTE, when this column went to print.

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