Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prabhakaran's Golden Key and investors

Those who pinned their hopes on Prabhakaran are in the same predicament as the Golden Key depositors. Prabhakaran has ruined his enterprise in which they had invested heavily, through his sheer mismanagement, temerariouness and hubris. However, he and his family must be having no regrets. They have lived in clover. His family pictures the army has found are like scenes from a Bollywood movie depicting the affluent social stratum in India.

Nothing has exposed the LTTE and its backers more than the army's successful rescue mission on Monday. Prabhakaran, the self-styled messiah, had no qualms about unleashing unbridled terror against the very people he once promised to liberate.

While his supporters were engaged in aggressive protests overseas to mislead the world into belief that the Sri Lanka military was committing genocide, Prabhakaran let loose his brainwashed suicide cadres on fleeing civilians by way of punishment. He also trained his big guns on those miserable people. The whole world saw those acts of craven terrorism thanks to real time pictures from a UAV above the civilian safe zone.

It is not only Prabhakaran and his fellow criminals on the battlefield who must be condemned for violence against civilians. His collaborators staging protests in foreign capitals and foreign diplomats running riot in Colombo together with their INGO/NGO hirelings all out to derail Sri Lanka's war on terror must also be held answerable for those crimes as it is they who keep the LTTE going by giving Prabhakaran false hope that if he could hold out, they would be able to have the war halted. All of them therefore have on their hands the blood of the innocent men, women and children perishing at the hands of LTTE death squads. But for their anti-Sri Lanka campaign, Prabhakaran would have come to terms with his fate and given up fighting months ago. Or, not to put too fine a point on it, he would have shuffled off his mortal coil leaving others in peace.

Imminent as the end of Prabhakaran and his band of terrorists may be, they will go down in history as the most internationally recognised terrorist outfit in the world. The LTTE which India once created to frighten Sri Lanka into submission as the latter gravitated towards the US in a bipolar world at that time has today qualified for a bail-out package of sorts from the US, which is all out to put the kibosh on final operation to decapitate the outfit. That is the reward Sri Lank has got for being 'pro-American'! It was only a few weeks ago that a former US ambassador to Sri Lanka suggested to a Senate Sub Committee in Washington that foreign aid be used as a bludgeon to make Sri Lanka toe the US line where the war against the LTTE was concerned. Now it is reported that the IMF has come under pressure not to grant a much needed loan facility to Sri Lanka, unless its war on terror is brought to an abrupt end. However, the government is confident that it will get the loan.

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