Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prabhakaran May Not Go On Trial

Comment by L. Jayasooriya

Whether Prabakaran lives to go on trial or not will be decided by the government troops now closing in on him. The killing of innocent villagers a few days ago in the remote areas of Uwa in retaliation for the liquidation of a terror group in the jungle that has been systematically killing innocent civilians in these remote areas for many years may prompt the government troops to kill Prabakaran even if it became possible to catch him alive.

If that were to happen the hope of the IC nations that could attempt to force our government to get Prabakaran tried at the International Court of Justice at The Hague threatening dire consequences if we do not, will end up in smoke and it will also end the incessant calls for a negotiated settlement that has for quite some time been treated with absolute contempt by the national patriots. Remember Mavil Oya anicut? That is where this all started and that was the biggest mistake the IC nations did to force Mahinda Rajapakse to surrender to the LTTE. At no time did they like him because he is a patriot.

The violent LTTE Diaspora we have seen in their thousands in the West and the vast majority of the Western educated effluent Tamils who have been living among the Sinhalese and who owe their prosperity to the patronizing of their businesses by the Sinhalese will maintain that the LTTE could never be eradicated from this country.

For their information I would like to remind them that all the Tamils in the North and the East excepting the very few LTTE sympathisers who will dare not show that they are pro-LTTE to the other Tamils will never allow the LTTE to raise is head ever again. They will instantly report any suspecting LTTE remnant to the army.

That leaves the only possibility of the LTTE resurrecting itself in Sri Lanka to be among the Tamils living in Colombo and other parts in the Western Province. Will they provide them with that support? They will dare not. So the question of the LTTE surfacing again in Sri Lanka will not arise. It will go home to roost in India where it was born, nursed and bred. May be Karunanidhi and Vaiko will inherit the mantle of Prabakaran. India will then begin to reap the harvest for the seeds she planted in our country nearly 30 years ago.

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