Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman better captured dead than alive

By Malin Abeyatunge

(April 22, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Prabhakaran’s “Mythical Eelam” has already vanished into thin air. LTTE who illegally held almost 15,000 sq.kms is now left with no inch of land. Yet the International Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (ITTD) in UK, USA, France, Denmark, Australia and in many other European countries continues with demos and rallies attempting to give the last dose of oxygen to LTTE. Why and what for? Some idiots have sacrificed their precious lives by self immolation in support of megalomaniac Prabhakaran. In the midst of that, you find fake hunger strikers in UK and Australia to save Prabhakaran. Whilst these planned actions are going on, pro LTTE groups (ITTD) in UK, Canada, Norway, Tamil Nadu and Malaysia may be burning midnight oil in scheming plans to rescue Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman to a safer place. I will not be surprised if such attempts would carry the blessings of some misguided politicians in UK, Norway and Tamil Nadu and Australia.

The defeat of LTTE is now imminent and the death of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman are also imminent unless they surrender. One thing I can bet on is that Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman will never bite the cyanide capsule, if captured because they love their life albeit Prabhakran has taken oath from his LTTE cadres not to surrender to the enemy (Govt. forces) but bite the cyanide capsule.

If captured alive and extradited to India

If both are captured alive, GoSL will encounter two problems. (a) If captured, India wants them extradited for the killing of Rajiv Gandhi. If they are extradited to India, what’s the guarantee that both will be sentenced to death? Who is there to stop Tamil Nadu politicians campaigning to get them presidential pardon? There will be no doubt that the Tamil Nadu will launch a strong campaign to save the lives of both Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman. If that happens, Sri Lanka will be back to square one with the Eelam problem. In fact, Karunanidhi made a statement recently that Prabhakaran should be treated with dignity like Alexander the Great treated Porus and Vaiko said, if Prabhakaran gets killed at the hands the Sri Lankan armed forces, there will blood baths. Perhaps, the ulterior and the long term motive of The Tamil Nadu politicians would be to use him to launch second Eelam for Tamil Nadu. If Tamil Nadu succeeds in establishing an Eelam by secession from India, Sri Lanka would be an easy target for their dream of Eelam in Sri Lanka.

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