Friday, April 24, 2009

Prabha, Pottu, Soosai still in no-fire zone; trying to escape via sea -Daya Master


MULLAITTIVU: TIGER supremo, PRABHAKARAN, confined now to the remaining swathe of land towards the south of the “No Fire Zone” (NFZ) in PUTHUMATTALAN was to stay along with his cohorts up to the last moment until he finally finds his escape, surrendered DAYA MASTER has reportedly told the interrogators.

He has also told them that PRABHAKARAN would stay as long as his last fighter remains with him before his possible escape, he has further told the interrogators.

Meanwhile, troops moving towards AMPELAVANPOKKANAI-VELAYANMADAM areas are faced with the challenge of distinguishing genuine residents from scores of LTTE terrorists who might be confined to temporary tents, being used by LTTE surrounded civilians.

“As a result troops have been compelled to trudge taking all precautionary measures to avoid any casualty on civilians. This is another trick Tigers were using for media propaganda. On two occasions, Tigers hiding among those civilians under tents directed fire towards approaching troops but the troops showed restraint despite injuries received by a few of them,” a senior military officer told the Army Website.

“It is quite clear that remaining Tigers, probably disguised as civilians in the NFZ were holding their weapons covered among the belongings of those civilians. They might be by now after mingling with the remaining few thousands trying their last gimmicks.”

As this report was filed, troops in the NFZ were observing and monitoring the developments very closely as public anger was fast and steadily brewing since there was no way or alternative left for Tigers to stall the advance of the Army troops into remaining areas.

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