Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prabha definitely in the no-fire zone; we will catch him alive if possible -Army Commander

(25.April.2009, 2.30pm) "We are confident that Prabhakaran and the other LTTE leaders are in the no-fire zone and we are not in a hurry to catch them", says Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.

The Army Commander expressed these views in a programme of a state radio station this morning. He had a close shave in a LTTE suicide attack exactly three years ago. Within the past three years, Fonseka cornered in a seven square kilometer strip of land.

He said that the Army has a plan to capture him possibly alive.

The Army Commander said that the major factor behind this victory was the President's stance that had not wavered within the past three years.

The Army Commander said that Prabhakaran is manipulating civilians as a human shield until the last moment. Daya Master who surrendered recently has revealed vital information, say the Army Commander.

The Army Commander saluted all the personnel of Army that sacrificed their lives within the past 30 years in the battles against the LTTE.

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