Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pottu Amman, apologies with cadres in emotional break-down

LTTE's defeat imminent: More senior cadres killed in last-ditch fighting

Latest battlefield reports received, confirmed heavy loses to LTTE during last -ditch fighting that erupted between troops and LTTE, East of Puthukkudiyirippu today (April 5).

According to battlefront sources, LTTE's 'artillery wing' head Manniwannan was killed in the fighting Sunday (5), following hours after troops claimed total control of Puthukkudiyirippu.

Meanwhile, military citing intercepted LTTE communication revealed that Adithyan, LTTE's former in-charge of Welioya was also among the deceased terrorists. Lawrence and Bhanu, were also reported injured while the latter, over-all in charge of LTTE's artillery and mortar unit has sustained sever injuries, military said citing intercepted LTTE communication.

LTTE's shadow chief cum 'intelligence wing' head Pottu Amman has broken into tears and apologized with cadres now encircled in the anterior of the NFZ and facing annihilation from the Sri Lankan security forces. "Forgive me. This is it. Everything is beyond my control", he was quoted as saying in reply for the constant appeals made by the trapped terrorists for reinforcements.

Troops are continuing with mop-up operations in the area.

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