Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Polls will decide who Prabhakarans supporters are - President

President Rajapaksa is confident that the Western Provincial polls will decide whether the urban population is supporting Prabhakaran or are with the patriots.

The President opined that the patriotic people have come to one side irrespective of whether they are Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamils. The battle is between the betrayers of the country and those desirous of protecting the country. Debates would have been continuing without addressing the problem and there would not have been the five harbours. Roads would not have been concreted and the Norochcholai and Upper Kotmale Power Plants constructed. Irrigation and roads would also not have been provided to all areas. The cultivation drive would also not have been undertaken. The President said they are awaiting the verdict of the urban population in the Western Province. It will indicate their decision. The world should be given the message that the Government had taken the correct decision.