Friday, April 17, 2009

Placating LTTE: West on wrong track

[COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2009.04.17 05:35AM] With U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake’s expressed desire to create a safe passage for Prabhakaran and the rest of his murderous gang out of Sri Lanka to some safe haven signs are that there is all possibility for the LTTE to graduate from a Sri Lanka-based terrorist outfit into a formidable terrorist organization with tentacles all over the world.

GOSL needs to take all possible steps to pre-empt any moves to build an escape mechanism for the 'Sun God' by a relentless military onslought on the remaining LTTE scum.

The West appears to be making the same mistake they did when they backed Islamic militants against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Eventually it boomeranged on them in the form of the Taliban and Al Queda. However Islamic zealots who found their way into Western countries and Australia did not openly identify themselves as such. But in the case of LTTE sympathizers they did not deny their political leanings and the Western ‘democrats’ and ‘liberals’ welcomed them with open arms and still continue to do so. They are backing a terrorist gang that tolerates no dissent against a legitimate, democratically elected government in the name of democracy and human rights!

Today thousands of Tamils in both the United Kingdom and the European Union expressing solidarity with the ‘Sun God’ indicate that there is no possibility for GOSL to have any dialogue with the large majority of the Tamil Diaspora in these countries except on their own terms. Tamil Eelam or nothing is their demand. India has learnt a bitter lesson by nurturing this Frankenstein monster. Now it is the turn of the West to learn the same lesson.

And the Tigers have the audacity to demand a permanent ceasefire under international supervision. No need to be surprised if the next terrorist bombs go off in UK, USA, Australia or Canada – excepting perhaps Norway the home of Prabhakaran’s guardian angels. Tiger vermin are already disrupting life in London, Melbourne and Toronto. It appears Ambassador Blake or rather the U.S. Government wants the same developments in the USA too – wittingly or unwittingly.

So GOSL should ask any foreign power calling for a ceasefire in the island’s North to go and fly a kite. It is a wise move on the government’s part that Major General Udaya Perera has been appointed Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioner in Malaysia to crack any possible moves by LTTE to use Malaysia as the base for its international network.

Elimination of the remaining LTTE top leadership will end one headache for both Sri Lanka and India.